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What is the average age to move out in the UK

February 18, 2022 |

As a young person moving out of your parents home and going to university or moving into a new home is a huge step. For some, the parental home is all you have known, so moving out can take you out of your comfort zone, but it can also make you grow as a young adult.

But when exactly is the right time to move home? and what is the average age to move out in the UK?

In 2022, the average age to move out in the UK 25 years old. Looking at the national statistics, young women left the home slightly earlier than young men and this number also changed depending on location in the united kingdom. Londoners left home on average 5 years later than everyone else in the country.

If you are reading this and you’re starting to panic because you aren’t anywhere near leaving your family home and getting on the property ladder, don’t worry. Everyone’s circumstances are different and people also have different goals in life too.

Some of us want to stay close to our parents, while others can’t wait to leave the home and to travel or start university. We are all different, so keep that in mind.

Moving out of your parental household

moving home

Moving out of your parents house is a big deal for us all. It can be exciting, worrying and a stressful time but for many of us, we know when the time is right. The UK average may be 25 years old but you may feel ready to move out when you are 18 or 30, all of us have different needs, relationships and goals that will ultimately affect our decision to move out.

You may move out of your family home earlier if you go to University and then get a graduate job right after Uni or you may stay at home longer because you choose to work a job and study at an open university. You may also stay at home longer if you have had a child or if the house prices in your area are making it difficult for first-time buyers to get onto the market.

House prices in the north east compared to the north west for example would make it easier to get onto the property market for first-time buyers and result in you leaving your home earlier.

Average age to buying a house

average age to buying a first home

Housing over the last few years has shot up in pricing so over the next few years we may see the average age to move out increase considerably. With many of the 5% mortgages being pulled from the market, staying with a family member while trying to save is a good idea and the main reason many people are staying at home longer.

While the average age to leave home is around 25 years old, the average age to buy your first house is 33 years old. While in London the average age to buy a first home is 35 years old.

The average age of going to University


For most students, the average age of going to university is 18 years old. Students will complete their A-Levels and then go on to higher education. Depending on your course you could be in University for 3-7 years.

If you choose to study via distance learning it can take you longer to finish your course. Typical bachelor degrees can take up to 7 years to complete. With distance learning, you can get a degree at any age.

If you are moving from your home into university and you need help with storing your items, at Urban Locker we offer affordable student storage solutions.

The average age when moving out when living in London


London is a place where people want to live and with an ever-increasing population and a lack of houses being built to keep up with the demand, house prices are higher than the rest of the country.

In East London the average cost of a house is over £500,000. House prices in other parts of London such as Hackney have an average cost of £600,000 Whereas houses in Shoreditch are closer to £680,000.

Compare these to the average cost of houses in Manchester (£248,000) then you can see why the average age of moving out of your parents home in London is 32 years old and the average age of buying a house in London is 35 years old.

What’s the youngest age you can leave home?

If you can’t wait to travel the world or just want to move out of your family home to have your own independence the youngest you will be able to do so legally is the age of 16. If you need to leave home before then you will need to discuss your current situation with a registered charity such as child line which can give you more advice on your situation.

If you do want to stay at home with your parents for the rest of time there is no law to say you have to move out, however by the age of 18 your parents can legally evict you from the home if they wish to do so.

Moving home tips

Moving day tips

Whatever your age, moving home can be difficult, stressful and confusing even if you have moved before. At Urban Locker, we offer self-storage solutions in London that can help with a move. For example, moving everything on one day can be a nightmare and you will feel rushed and stressed out.

Using a storage container will allow you to store your goods weeks before moving so when it comes to moving day you only have to worry about getting the essentials to your new home and then you can go back and forth to your storage unit as often as possible.

We have found that some of our clients who have moved house, continue to use our storage long after they have moved in to keep down on the clutter.

If you are moving home and need help with storage please get in touch with us.