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Top reasons why Shoreditch is an excellent place to start a business.

May 17, 2022 |

So you have decided to start a business and you’re now looking for your headquarters, great keep on reading because today we will look at why Shoreditch is a good place to start a business.

Shoreditch is a safe area of London that has its own style and nothing here is ordinary. With top restaurants, great artwork, innovative businesses and great transport links, Shoreditch is one of the best places in London to start a business, but let’s dive more into it.

1) The right talent on your doorstep

Shoreditch is home to the Silicon Roundabout, just like its American counterpart, Shoreditch has a hub of innovative companies with over 1300 SMEs in the area including Microsoft and Google.

If you are a tech start-up and you are considering London as your headquarters then why not set up in Shoreditch and have a wide range of talent on your doorstep. Thousands of highly skilled tech workers reside here so why not be in the centre of innovation to grow your startup.

2) Office space aplenty

Shoreditch has many office spaces available in some of the trendiest buildings in London. With office space available in Liverpool Street, Spitalfields, Brick Lane and Rivington Street there’s space for everyone.

Ecommerce sellers can also consider moving their operations to Shoreditch as many Storage companies in East London can be a cost-saving alternative to a warehouse.

3) Shoreditch is easy to get to

Getting around London is easy enough, the tubes are great and Shoreditch is no different. Shoreditch is accessible from both underground and overground stations so if your Startup is building the next Snapchat then your employees will have no problem commuting into the office.

Shoreditch is a place where business and pleasure combine, so attracting top talent to your business is not going to be difficult when you are in the heart of some of the best bars, restaurants and clubs in East London.

4) Plenty of room for networking

With over 1300 SMEs in Shoreditch, there are always networking events going on. If you are a startup or an existing business that provides solutions to B2B then being in the centre of these networking events could put you in touch with people who can help you to grow your business.

5) Shoreditch culture

Shoreditch has art galleries, coffee shops and enough going on to keep everyone busy outside of working hours. The street art in Shoreditch also makes any commute much more enjoyable.

If you’re a business or a consultant that meets with clients then Shoreditch can help with that too, if your office isn’t cool enough the surrounding bars will be. Impress your clients with the unique bars in Shoreditch which will help you land more deals.

Final thoughts

If you are thinking of moving your business to Shoreditch then you will be in great company. Shoreditch is a diverse area with lots of networking potential with some of the biggest companies in the world. Shoreditch is also safe, has great accessibility and has enough culture to keep you busy for many years to come.