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When do year 11’s finish school?

May 16, 2022 |

The school year for all pupils can be a stressful time but for year 11’s in particular it can be more challenging than usual. During year 11 students will do their GCSEs and providing they pass they will then go on to doing their A-Levels before eventually going to University.

Because of this, Year 11 Students finish school earlier than all other year groups. This will vary from school to school but on average year 11’s finish school in the middle to late June.

The official date for the end of Year 11 is when the last exam has been sat, however depending on the subjects you have chosen to study you could finish sooner than your friends by a few days.

When do year 11 GCSEs start and finish?

Going on past years (2020, 2021) and what we know about the exam timetable year 11 GCSEs will start in May and end towards the middle to end of June.  

If you are in school and will be sitting your year 11 exams this year you should be finished by the end of June. With that said your school may require you to come to school for any reason.

Some schools will ask their students to come to school after their exams so they can get a taste of what studying for their A-Levels feels like. Other schools will let their year 11 pupils break up for school when their final exams are over.

Other schools may keep their students after their exams and hold leavers parties or proms. Don’t forget not everyone will come back to study for A-Levels so now is a good time to say goodbye to them as you may not see them again or as often as you do now.

Some schools will take their pupils on trips to celebrate their year of hard work.

When can I get my 2022 GCSE results?

GCSE results are expected on August 25th in 2022. Last year things were a little different due to covid but now normal scheduling resumes, this may change but the probability of that happening is low.

When does study leave start in 2022?

Study leave starts two weeks before your exams in some schools while others won’t be offering study leave at all. If you want to know when study leave starts at your school our best advice would be to talk to your teachers and write the dates down in your planner/diary.

Breaking up from school and boredom

Going to school can seem tiring and most of us have wished for time off or to break up from school. 

When we do have time off though it can feel a little boring as you no longer know what to do with yourself and you no longer have a strict schedule in place. Add to this you may not see your friends as much and often many of us can’t wait to go back to school, but what should you do in the meantime?

As you get older and advance more through education you may want to start thinking about your future career, a good way of spending your time off is getting a part-time job or going on work experience. Both options are good for filling up your CV and giving you real-world experience. Keep in mind as a teenager you are only legally allowed to work a set number of hours so make sure your employer doesn’t take advantage of that.

Final thoughts

Going to school up until now has been challenging but as you get to the later years in education the pressure can mount up. Year 11 and Year 13 will be the most challenging years, remember not to stress and to keep calm, work as hard as you can and enjoy your time off at the end of your exams.