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How to safely store a piano in self storage

March 23, 2023 |

A piano can be a central piece in the home that can really make a statement but when moving or downsizing it’s one of those items that may need to be put into self-storage.

While you may think you can simply store a Piano in self-storage, there are considerations that you need to think about to ensure that your most prized possession is safe for many years to come.

Today we will be giving you our expert advice on how you can safely store your piano in a storage unit.

Chose the right storage unit

Not all storage units are created equal and if you are going to store an expensive item such as a piano in self-storage then you will need to make sure that firstly the storage unit you choose is big enough to accommodate your piano and any other items you want to store.

Getting a storage unit too small will mean that you will end up squeezing everything into the storage unit to make it fit which could cause you to damage your piano when you are getting other items in and out of storage.

You will also need to make sure that your storage unit is climate controlled to protect your piano from damage because of humidity and temperature changes.

Preparation before storage

When you have picked a storage unit and you are ready to store your piano you will need to prepare it first. Before you move your piano into storage take the time to remove any loose parts, wheels or anything else that could break off as you move the piano.

Finally, you will want to protect your piano with a protective cover, a sheet or bubble wrap. Doing this will protect your piano when you are moving it so that it doesn’t pick up any bumps or scratches. You can secure these with heavy-duty tape, wraps or ropes.

Use professional movers

We understand that movers can be expensive, but when it comes to heavy items such as a piano we can only recommend using moving professionals. Moving a piano is not a DIY job, especially if you want to protect it against damage.

A piano is heavy and moving it incorrectly will not only cause damage to your piano but could also cause injury to yourself. If you value both, hire a professional mover as they will have all the equipment such as straps and dollies to move your piano with ease.

If you use a reputable mover your items will also be insured so if the worse were to happen you are covered.

When it is time to move your piano, you will need to make sure that the rest of your home is ready for the move too. You will need to clear the path so the moving men can access it, you may need to take down some decorations or even remove the window to your room depending on your current home setup.

Storing your piano in self storage

There are many ways of storing a piano in self storage and these all depend on how often you want access to the piano. In our experience, when someone stores a piano it’s one of the last items to leave a storage unit. If you think your piano is going into storage for the long term then position it to the back of your storage unit out of the way.

Positioning your piano in the back of the storage unit will minimise the number of times you need to go near it which will minimise the chance of scratching your piano. We also recommend that you don’t stack items on top of your piano or don’t stack items that could fall near it.

Maintaining your piano

In storage, your piano should be covered to protect it, but we still recommend maintaining your piano by cleaning it every so often. Dirt or dust could still get onto your piano and it could cause it to become damaged over time.

If you are planning on storing your piano in self-storage then you should check on it and dust it down with a soft cloth every few months.


Moving your piano and putting it into storage can be a larger job than you may initially expect. But with the tips above you should now have a better idea of the process of putting your piano into self storage.

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