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How to Save Space at Home

September 24, 2014 |

We don’t all have a lot of spare space in our homes that we can use to store all of the personal items and furniture we collect over the years. Even those with a spare bedroom, or a couple of extra reception rooms, may find that there just isn’t enough space for all the things that we want to keep hold of. If you’re having problems storing everything in your home then this guide should help you overcome those challenges.

Organising the Home
The first thing you need to do, before investing in storage solutions, is to actually organise your home. What are the things that are causing the space problems? Are there some items you would rather display than have stored away? Are there any particular rooms in the house that need sorting the most? To make things easier you could always write a list for each room and organise in order of priority. Find out which rooms need tackling first, then start from there. It may take a day or two per room, but at least you know you’re steadily making progress. Separate everything into piles, such as; to keep, to store, to sell, to donate, to bin. You may want to invest in some plastic boxes to keep your piles in good order, and to make it easier when it comes to dealing with those piles in the future.

Home Storage Furniture
There is a big range of storage furniture available for the home, depending on the amount of things you have to store and the space you have in each room. Below are the most popular storage solutions and when best to use them:
– Bookcase: One of the best storage options, as they look fantastic and can store a whole range of things. You can use a bookcase for books (of course) as well as personal items, photos, DVDs, CDs, plants and much more.
– Drawers: There are plenty of different types of drawers to choose from when expanding your storage. You can invest in deep wicker drawers for your bathroom stuff, a chest of drawers for clothes in the bedroom or a storage cabinet for the living room.
– Storage boxes: These are great for hiding things in the attic or under beds. Storage boxes can hold a whole array of things, depending on their size. They’re very useful for old photo albums, books and personal effects you don’t want on display.
– Desk organisers: Great for not just your desk but drawers, sideboards and anywhere else you can fit them! You can fit smaller things into these such as stationary, jewellery, bathroom goods and little keepsakes.

Other Storage Solutions
If you are really running low on space in the home, despite trying out our above storage ideas, then there are other storage solutions available. One option is to be harsher about the things you keep hold of. It may be best to sell, donate or bin more things if you’re really struggling for space. However, not everyone wants to get rid of sentimental items or heirlooms, making this option difficult. Another option is to use a storage facility, which will help keep things out of the home and save up some space. Home items in storage are still accessible, which means that you can go and get them whenever you please.

We hope you can use some of these tips to help create a more spacious home! Let us know which tips you find useful!