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5 Top Tips for Redecorating Your Home

September 17, 2014 |

There is something quite enjoyable about giving the home a revamp, whether it’s because you’ve moved into a new place or just fancy updating what you have. However, some things can be time consuming and make redecorating feel far more like a chore than something to enjoy. We’ve put together 5 of the best tips we could find, to help make sprucing up your home fun and fast.

1. Small changes
You don’t necessarily have to repaint the walls, buy in new carpets and order in furniture to make a big difference to the way your home looks. A few small changes can make have an impressive impact; whilst costing less time and money! You can try turning all the furniture in your living room at an angle, to create a new dynamic to the layout. How about changing the handles and knobs on your cupboards to something a bit more stylish and modern? Even just some new bedding can make a bedroom feel brand new. Small changes are the way to go, if you want to redecorate quickly and on budget.

2. Multi-Purpose Items
If you want to redecorate whilst saving space, then invest in some multi-purpose items. You can use water jugs to hold flowers or as decorative pieces, a trunk to store books and double up as a coffee table, and use a flower basket to hold magazines. These items will not only spruce up your home, but they will save money and space. You can find a whole range of ideas on interior design websites, or in magazines, that will make your home look and feel brand new. If you want to save even more money then have a look in charity shops and at boot fairs, for some cheaper versions of the furniture you’re looking for.

3. Protect What You’ve Got
One of the worst things that can happen whilst you’re decorating is that a piece of furniture gets damaged or ruined. It has happened to many of us; a quick lick of paint on the walls and now the sideboard has a whole load of paint splashes all over it. Even our best efforts of covering everything up or moving it from room to room can not always do the trick. Make sure you protect all of the furniture and items you have already, before you start to decorate any room. It may be worth putting them all in storage until you’ve finished redecorating.

4. Upcycle
Upcycling is a huge trend at the moment, thanks to many thrifty TV shows and magazines. If you want to redecorate without really spending any money, then upcycling is for you. Simply take an old item of furniture that could do with a spruce up, then give it a lick of paint and a new lease of life. Chair cushions can be re-covered, wooden items can be re-varnished and bland furniture can be made colourful again. There are also many furniture stores that will sell upcycled furniture, including charities such as the Blue Cross.

5. Make It Fun
If you’re planning on throwing the kids out whilst you redecorate then think again! You can turn this project into a fun game for the whole family; meaning you get to spend time with the children and get the house in order. There are plenty of fun things that your children can be doing to help with the redecorating, even if you don’t necessarily want them painting the walls. Why not buy them some blank photo frames and ask them to decorate them for their bedrooms? It adds a personal touch and everyone can then feel proud of the work they put into the newly decorated home


When redecorating your home you may be tempted to throw out some of your furniture as it’s no longer in fashion but why not put it into storage instead.  Storage units can keep your items safe until you want to change your home again.