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How to organise your bedroom

December 22, 2022 |

Your bedroom should be a relaxing space where you can lie down and relax before falling asleep to start the day again. Unfortunately for most of us, we lack the space to have a relaxing room and it becomes cluttered which causes stress.

Stress is never a good thing, but when trying to sleep it can make you anxious and disrupt your sleeping pattern. None of us wants that so today we will be looking at some of the best storage solutions for the bedroom to make sure we make the most out of our space to create a relaxing sanctuary where we can get the best sleep.

Clear up your cosmetics

If you are lucky enough to have a separate room to do your hair and makeup then you can skip this section but for most of us, we often have a small table in our room where we keep our cosmetic products. When these are left out they can make a room look messy and smaller than it is.

Cosmetics have a shelf life so be sure to every so often look through your cosmetics and throw out any that are out of date. You can also get rid of any that look to be dried out or damaged.

If you have a drawer or a storage container that you can use you can also put your cosmetics away under your desk so that it creates the illusion of more space.

Make the most out of your closet


For most people, clothing is the one item that they struggle to fit in their rooms. Most closets are bursting at the seams and therefore you often find that clothes are left out in places where they shouldn’t be.

If this sounds like you then you should start by tackling your wardrobe and getting rid of any items that you don’t use anymore. You can do some good too by getting rid of your old clothes as you can donate them to charity shops to help others.

If you aren’t in a position to get rid of your clothes that’s ok too as there are many apps you can use to sell your old clothes so you can give them a new lease of life while making some money back on them.

Once you have gotten rid of your clothes you can start to make the most out of your wardrobe by installing hooks and clothes pegs on your cupboard doors. Clothes pegs and hooks offer additional storage at a low price and are very practical for hanging items of clothing such as shoes or other accessories such as ties and belts.

You should also aim to use all of the storage space in your wardrobes. If you have dead space at the bottom of the wardrobe then purchase some storage boxes and use those to organise items while providing you with practical storage that you can use.

When organising your wardrobe it can be tempting to ram as many items in there as possible as out of sight is out of mind, but doing so makes getting your items out of the wardrobe more difficult and it’s often hard to find the items of clothing you want too.

Instead of ramming everything into your wardrobe, take your time to organise it and keep like-for-like items by side of each other. This way you will know which items go where and you will also know where each item is located if you are in a rush.

LED strip lighting is another great addition to your wardrobe as it can make it easier to find items when you are looking in the dark. Organising your clothes and being to see them is a great way of keeping stress levels to a minimum.

Be sure to check back through your closet from time to time and throw out items you have stopped wearing. A good timeframe to do this is every 6 months.

Final thoughts on decluttering the bedroom

Keeping your bedroom clutter free is key to having a good night’s sleep. If you are finding yourself avoiding the clutter and having a stressful time about it then try the above tips out first.

If you have done the above and you still have a cluttered room then it may be time to put some of your items into storage.  Self-storage is a great way of making more room in your home without the need of throwing out your loved possessions.

At Urban Locker, we have self-storage for hire in London and we have a variety of storage sizes available for all. Get in touch today to see the best options available for you.