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How to make more storage space for Christmas

October 31, 2022 |

Christmas can be a magical time of the year, but it can also be a time when homeowners take a step back and think about where are we going to fit everything this year.

If you are looking around your home and don’t know where you are going to fit all your decorations, presents and even your family then this is the article for you. Today we will be looking at ways you can make more storage space in time for Christmas.


Clutter is one of the main things that makes a home look messy and can also make you think you have less space than you do have so our first tip would be to get rid of all the clutter.

Clutter can come in many forms so start with the small items first. Get rid of any old papers, books, CDs and movies. You can either donate them to charity shops, sell them online or digitise them.

When you have moved your smaller items out then check to see if there are any other pieces of furniture you don’t need. If you can think of any be sure to get rid of or donate these first.

Sell your unwanted items.

The cost of living has meant that our pockets have all been hit this year so if you do have items or furniture that you don’t want to get rid of then try selling them online first to make a little bit of money back. You can use places such as Facebook or Gumtree or you can even try selling your furniture to second-hand shops.

Selling your items will help you with getting rid of the clutter and it could put some money in your pocket this time of year.

Replace your furniture with smarter furniture choices

While replacing your furniture before Christmas may not seem like the best of ideas, if you do have big clunky furniture then it can be useful to swap your old furniture for newer smart furniture that has in-built storage.

You can get chairs, sofas and beds that all have inbuilt storage and by purchasing items like these you can store far more items in your home making room for your Christmas Tree and decorations this year.

You can also replace seating with benches with inbuilt storage and even use a foldable chair solution if need be. Chairs can take up so much room in a home so having a few different options will allow you to make the most of your existing space.

Add inexpensive storage solutions

Storage can be added around the house for cheap, You can add storage to cupboard spaces or walls via wall pegs and shelving. Hanging up clutter or hiding it neatly will allow you to store more in your home come Christmas.

Hire a temporary storage unit

If you have tried all of the above and don’t have enough space then your last option other than moving home is to hire a temporary storage space. Temporary storage space is exactly as it sounds and involves you hiring out a storage unit for a few weeks.

Now not every storage company will offer you this and they will require you to sign up for long contracts so if you do sign up with a storage company be sure to check how long you have to sign up for first as you could be left paying for a space longer than needed.

A small storage unit can be useful at Christmas time as if you do have children you can keep their presents safe and secure in the units until you want to bring them into the home. This allows you to have more control over your home at Christmas and it also keeps them from seeing their presents.

If you would like storage in East London then get in touch with us today and one of our advisers will recommend you adequate storage for your needs.