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How to store your furniture to keep it protected

October 31, 2022 |

With the cost of living crisis, many of us will have considered downsizing our homes. If you haven’t considered downsizing your home there is a good chance you feel you don’t have enough space in your existing home anyway so this article will also be of help to you.

If you do need to store your furniture for a later date and don’t want to damage it there are some storage techniques that you should know about.

Choosing a storage location.

For many, storage can mean hiding your items out of sight and forgetting about them. Often this means storing items in a cupboard, under the stairs, in the attic or in the garage and while most of these places are ok for temporary storage, long term they could result in your items getting damaged.

If your looking for a long-term solution for keeping your items safe when you have run out of room a perfect option is a storage unit. Storage units are safe, and secure and are only accessible to the people with the right access.

When your valuables are stored in your home it’s often the case that others can damage them because they didn’t realise you had stored them away for safekeeping. With a self storage unit you don’t get this problem.

Choosing the required level of storage

Once you have decided to use a storage unit to protect your valuables you will need to think about the size of the storage unit that you will need. Too small a unit will result in you forcing your items in it to fit and too large will make you waste your money.

All storage companies will have different-sized units so make sure you speak to someone before deciding on a space yourself as you may need a smaller or larger unit than expected.

Clean your furniture

While it may seem pointless to clean your furniture before putting it into storage, it isn’t. Cleaning your items can keep damp and mould away and can stop them from developing further while in storage.

If you don’t clean your furniture then it will rot while in storage and it could also affect your other items too.

When storing your items, keep them off the floor as this will minimise the chance of your items rotting while in storage. You can keep your items off the floor by using cardboard or crates.

Move your furniture

Moving your furniture can be tough, if you have heavy items for moving, or specialist items such as fish tanks or glasses or expensive plates then you may want to consider hiring moving professionals to move your furniture for you.

If you don’t have heavy items or you can move on your own we would recommend packing your items away safely and being vigilant when moving them into your unit. Don’t overcrowd any boxes and be sure to use the right packing equipment where possible.

Protect your furniture

When you have placed your furniture within your unit you can then wrap it either with dust sheets or bubble wrap, both will provide added protection to your valuables.

Final thoughts

If you are fed up with putting your furniture or other goods into the shed, garage or anywhere else that fits and you find that your items are getting damaged over time, you should consider hiring a storage unit. If you would like to see what deals we have on storage at the moment please contact us today.