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Helping small businesses grow with secure self-storage

March 8, 2017 |

Helping small businesses grow with secure self-storage

Small business owners account for over 99% of all businesses in the UK. It’s clear that the competition to boost your profits is going to be fierce – and that you need an edge to keep you ahead of the pack. Of course, that means keeping in touch with trends and having a turnover of stock that attracts new customers to your door and keeps your regulars interested with fresh new products and the best offers.

It might be cold and damp outside, but there is a definite hint of spring in the air. The change of season means there is a focus on the fresh and new – now is the time homeowners start to decorate and update, the DIY expert gets to work on outstanding jobs, gardeners begin to prepare for planting and sports enthusiast begin to repair and update their gear. With the approach of Easter, there’s chocolate eggs, straw bonnets and fluffy chicks. No matter your industry, it’s time to begin planning the seasonal stock.

Short term business storage

One of the larger issues for small businesses is space. With much of your shop floor taken up with displays and items for sale, where do you store your additional inventory? You’ve no doubt got at least one room for the day to day goods – but where do you put the seasonal excess that you need to boost your profits? Cramming it in hallways and blocking safety exits is not a good option – and besides, it will only ensure that items are lost or broken.

The simple answer is to expand into short-term storage. Local self-storage options are perfect for small businesses needing temporary inventory storage. There are plenty of benefits to a flexible storage solution.

The space you need – when you need it.

Self-storage services have a choice of storage units, so that you only need to pay for the space you need. Whether you need shelving for boxes of stock, or floor space for larger, heavier items, you have plenty of different sized units available giving you the right amount of space and nothing left over.

Rental agreements are also flexible. No small business owner wants to be tied into a long term contract when you are only storing spring goods. Select the contract terms to suit your needs and maximise on your profits by eliminating unnecessary expenditure.

Safe and secure, for you and your staff

One thing you need to be sure of is that your stock is safe. Top facilities, such as Urban Locker, London’s premier answer to self-storage, have a number of security features to safeguard your business – with internal and external CCTV and Pin access controls so that no one can enter the building unseen or unauthorised. At Urban Locker every business unit is individually alarmed as well, for extra peace of mind.

Removing excess stock from your shop floor is important for your safety as well. No tottering towers of boxes collapsing or blocking safety exits, ensuring the health and safety of your staff and customers.

Location, location, location

There’s no point in having safe storage if it’s out of reach. Self-storage is as flexible as your business needs – so your approved team can easily access your storage and manage customer orders during office hours. And if you are searching for business self-storage options in London, you’ll find Urban Locker is perfectly placed, easily accessed from City Road and Old Street.

If you are a small business with big ideas, we want to help you grow.