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What is self storage?

January 14, 2017 |

If you’ve never used self storage before you might be wondering how it all works? Fortunately, it is pretty simple.

A self storage facility contains a number of rooms in which you can store your personal or business belongings. Think of it as a hotel for your stuff!

A typical self storage facility will offer a range of different sized rooms. These rooms can be as small as 10ft2 and as big as 500ft2. This means that you only pay for the storage space that you actually use.

Self storage rooms, more commonly referred to as storage units, provide a secure, dry place to keep your belongings safe. People store all sorts of things in their storage unit from paperwork to furniture and everything in-between.

Self storage facilities are very secure, often with 24hr CCTV surveillance and fire and intruder alarms. Some more modern facilities also offer individually alarmed storage units.

Access to a self storage facility is normally controlled by PIN. As a customer you will have to enter a private 4 digit number when you arrive at the storage facility. This will unlock the outer perimeter of the facility and deactivate any alarms associated with your storage unit. Simply enter this PIN again when you leave to rearm any alarms associated with your storage unit.

So there you are, a simple guide to self storage. If you’d like to find out more please call 02036370850 or head over to our Size Guide to work out how much storage space you need.