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The Best Gyms and Personal trainers in Islington

March 23, 2023 |

Moving to a new area is never easy and if you’re looking to keep fit while living in Islington this blog post is for you.  

As self storage experts in Islington, we know that making a move to a new place is never easy, so we have put together many handy guides that will make your move to Islington much easier. But today, we are looking at the best gyms and personal trainers in Islington.

Third space Islington

We start this blog post off with one of the most luxurious training facilities in Islington and that’s Third Space. Third Space is a 7000-square-foot arena that has more equipment than you could ever want.

Third Space has multiple resistance areas, a running track and athletic rig as well as a custom space for your little ones to play and swim. Third space has everything and more than you could want from a gym in Islington.

For all of this luxury and equipment you will pay a premium and monthly memberships start at around £230 per person. The little space for your children can cost anywhere between £40 – £70 depending on your child’s age.

You can find out more about Third Space by visiting their gym:

15 Esther Anne Place


N1 1UL

0207 534 2820

F45 Training Islington

If you are looking for a gym that focuses on functional exercises then the F45 gym in Islington could be a good choice for you. The gym aims to help you burn 750 calories a session so this gym isn’t for those who don’t want to push their limits.

A gym membership here comes with a free personal nutrition program to help you reach your goals. Of course, all of this once again comes at a premium, membership can cost anywhere between £175 to £210 depending on the membership that you choose and how you choose to pay it.

You can learn more about F45 fitness by visiting them at:

21 St Albans Place,



N1 0NX

Cheap gyms in Islington

While the above options are great and they have more equipment than you could ever need, for some the monthly fee of £200+ isn’t affordable. Don’t worry, if you are looking for an affordable gym in Islington then here are a few that you should consider trying:

  • Energy Fitness Highbury
  • Kings Gym
  • New City Fitness
  • Petchey Academy Sports Club

All of the above gyms are much more affordable and still have great equipment and staff.

Personal trainers in Islington

Going to a new gym, especially one in a new area can be daunting for some and one way to get around this is to hire a personal trainer from that area. Below we have picked out some personal trainers in Islington to help you settle into getting fit in Islington.

Tom Blacket

Tom Blacket of Tom Blacket Fitness is a personal trainer in Islington that can help train you either in one of the many gyms in Islington or outdoors depending on your fitness goals.

Tom can help you with your exercises and nutrition and if you work with Tom then you don’t need to pay for a monthly gym membership. Half-hour sessions with tom can cost £55.

Trang Fitness

Trang is a personal trainer in Islington that offers a variety of personal training methods such as 1 to 1 training or group training sessions. When you work out with Trang you can work out in a private gym in Islington that’s never overcrowded.

Pricing with Trang costs £75 for an hour’s workout or you can split the £100 cost between 3 for a more affordable workout.  

To learn more about Trang Fitness you can visit her private studio at:

Dr Stretch, Unit 6, Northampton St, London N1 2HY