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Need more space? Get out and about in Shoreditch this Autumn

November 1, 2017 |

The weather is turning colder, the nights are darker – it’s the time of year we start to think about getting home quicker and huddling together in front of the cosy fire.

Of course, spending more time in the house does mean you’re all on top of each other. If you like a little bit more space, we’ve looked for some great ways to get out and about in the Shoreditch area this autumn, and remember if you do need more space at home we have storage in east London that can help.

Shoreditch Park

One of the larger open spaces in the borough, Shoreditch Park is a popular destination for locals. It boasts pitches for football and rugby, an adventure playground and an amphitheatre, popular for outdoor music and events. What’s more, there’s a running club that meets weekly – a great way to get out and meet people over the colder months.

Bunhill Fields Burial Grounds

You may not think of a burial grounds as a relaxing place, but this oasis of greenery in the midst of the city is a public garden. It’s a lovely sport for lunch on a sunny day.

Boxpark Shoreditch

We love Boxpark in Shoreditch – and not just because it’s a fantastic, innovative use of storage containers. A pop up shopping mall, Boxpark offers places to eat, drink, meet friends and enjoy one off events. You’ll enjoy time out – and a wonderful sense of community, created by the diverse and unique shops and the open shared food court.

National Centre for Circus Acts

acrobats in circus trainingWhen it’s cold outside it can be difficult to find the motivation to leave your toastie slippers behind. Really you just need the right incentive – and what could be more fun than learning a circus skill.

Did you ever imagine yourself flying through the air on a trapeze or walking a tightrope high over the crowds? Well, you may need to start with something a little less dramatic, but sign up to an evening or weekend course at the National Centre for Circus Acts this winter, and you can combine fitness with something completely different.

Queen of Hoxton

If you’re feeling hemmed in by city life, you can’t get much more space than open sky. Head upwards and discover a whole world of rooftop bars across Shoreditch. One of the most popular is the Queen of Hoxton – a large rooftop bar where you can enjoy time out with friends. What’s more, you can stay warm during the chillier evenings, as the rooftop is fitted with a large Moroccan themed wigwam.

V&A Museum of Childhood

A fun place for the whole family, the V&A Museum of Childhood holds exhibits of clothes, toys, dolls, teddy bears and more. Walk back in time and show your own children the toys you played with, your parents played with and so on.

The Museum of Childhood is just one of the museums and galleries in the Shoreditch area, considered to be one of the creative hubs of London. So if you are looking for ways to get out and about this autumn, why not plan a few trips out and visit some of your local gems.