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Benefits of using a storage unit

November 29, 2022 |

With pretty much everything costing much more than it used to, many of us are looking for ways to make the most out of what we got. This is true for our homes too. With house prices hitting highs and mortgage rates going even higher now is probably not the best time to move.

However with space always being a limiting factor, especially in family homes, could the answer to our problems be to use storage units?

In this article, we will look at some of the main benefits of using a storage unit and by the end of the article, you will know if a storage unit is suitable for your needs. With that said, let’s begin.

The advantages of using a storage unit.

work experience at storage facility

Compared to the cost of housing or hiring a warehouse storage units are very affordable. Their also convenient and as your needs change so can the capacity of your storage unit. This flexibility makes storage units a great choice for a wide number of people.

Storage units are accessible

If you are running any type of business and need access to goods or equipment then a storage unit is a great choice because you can get access to them around the clock. Most storage companies will allow 24/7 access which allows your business to perform when you need it to.

If for example, you were storing business products at a family home or someone else then going around their home to get some stock in the early hours probably won’t be welcomed.

Flexible solutions

Self-storage is one of the most flexible ways of storing your precious goods. Take a warehouse for example. A warehouse is expensive and for someone starting in business, it isn’t practical at all. A storage unit on the other hand is flexible as you can start with a small storage locker and then increase the size or get multiple storage containers depending on your needs.  

Self-storage units allow you to grow as your needs do and if for whatever reason you don’t need as much storage anymore you can also cut down on the units needed.

This makes a storage container the more practical and affordable option for most businesses.

Secure facilities

If you own a warehouse or even store products or valuables in your home then security is always an issue. For a warehouse, you will need to hire a security guard or multiple guards depending on the value of your items. For your home hiring, a security guard isn’t something people do and it could put your family’s safety at risk if others know you have valuables in your home.  

A storage facility provides you with around-the-clock security that will keep your valuables safe. Any reputable storage company will have the latest in security measures which could include biometric entry, CCTV, and keyless entry.

Do you need storage?

If you need storage in the London area then Urban Locker is a name you can trust. Our storage facilities are affordable and secure and we have multiple locations around East London making us a practical choice too.

We offer business, student and personal storage without long contracts and signing up for one of our facilities is easy, all of it can be done online within minutes.

If you don’t know what storage is suitable for you, give our team a ring and they will be happy to help with any of your queries.