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How to store your Christmas Decorations.

November 29, 2022 |

Christmas is an exciting time of year for many of us. Whether it’s seeing family and friends, office parties or giving and receiving presents off loved ones. Whatever makes you excited I bet putting your decorations away in the new isn’t something that’s on your list.

At Urban Locker, we offer storage in London and we know a thing or two about putting items into storage and making the most out of our storage in the home. Today we will be looking at the best ways to store your Christmas decorations come January so they are safe for next year and you won’t be damaging any of your precious ornaments.

On top of that, we will also discuss some of the best ways of keeping your decorations organised so that you will be able to put them away quickly and get them out of storage quickly too.

Clear bags

Let’s face it who wants to sort through baubles to get matching colours, not only is it a waste of time but it can also be avoided with a simple clear bag which can then be put into a storage box.

Clear bags can be purchased from many online retailers and by using a clear bag you can take the baubles off your tree and organise them as you are putting them away. This way when you pull out your decorations next year you have all of your baubles colour matched and in the same place. This makes your life so much easier.

Bubble wrap your tree

Bubble wrap is cheap and saves you so much room when it comes to putting the Christmas Tree away. You may keep your Christmas Tree in a box that it came with but the box often takes up so much room. Wrapping your tree in cling film or bubble wrap is a great way of saving space in your home while protecting your Christmas Tree.

Wrapping your tree in a wrap also makes it easier for you to move and put it into storage. When it comes to taking your tree out you can simply cut it out of the wrap and move your leaves back into position.  

Organise your Christmas lights with cardboard

If anything takes your time up when getting the decorations out when decorating your Christmas Tree it’s Christmas lights that are tangled up. To stop your lights from getting tangled and save you time when unpacking your decorations next year, you should wrap your lights around a square bit of cardboard. By doing so you will save so much time.

Protect your Christmas ornaments with plastic cups

When pulling your ornaments out of their bags how many times have you noticed smashed baubles or broken ornaments? If you are fed up with broken Christmas decorations then our next tip will help you when storing your Christmas ornaments.

To protect your favourite decorations you are going to need some plastic cups and a storage box. Insert your favourite baubles and ornaments into the plastic cups and then align these cups in your storage boxes. This will keep them organised and it will also keep them from bumping into each other when you are moving them to go into storage.

Final thoughts

Christmas can be a hectic period for everyone, but storing your Christmas decorations doesn’t have to be something you need to panic about. Using the tips above you will be able to store your Christmas goods without them breaking and you will also be able to make getting your goods out from storage easier next year too.

If you do need a safe place to store any ornaments and you don’t have enough room in your home you should consider renting a storage unit. At Urban Locker, we have self storage in east London at affordable prices.