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10 reasons why everybody needs a storage unit

November 11, 2014 |

Storage units are really useful spaces, though they haven’t always had the best reputation. The TV show, Storage Hunters, has shown people some of the terrible things that people hide in their storage spaces in the United States and with its popularity growing in Britain, there has been a Storage Hunters UK series commissioned.

However though the series is entertaining it doesn’t exactly make the idea of having a storage unit seem appealing. But there are many great reasons that everyone should have a storage unit.

Extra Living Space

Having space in your home is important; with lots of furniture and clutter in your home it can feel very claustrophobic, especially if you have just moved from a large property into a smaller one. Having a storage unit means that you have somewhere to put things that are getting under your feet and give yourself more space to breathe.

Cataloguing & De-cluttering

When you reach a certain point in life you find that you need to go through everything you own and catalogue what you own and de-clutter your living space. Having a storage space means that you have somewhere that you can store your catalogued items and even de-clutter to.

For Safe Keeping

There are lots of things that we collect in life that need that little bit of extra protection or it could be that you are looking after some items for friends or family for a short period of time. With a storage space you have a dedicated area that you can use to make sure that these keep-sakes and possessions don’t get damaged or broken in the whirlwind of everyday life.

Easier to Clean

When your home is full of papers, furniture and other items it can be difficult to keep your home looking clean, neat and tidy. Having a storage space means that even if you don’t have a shed or garage then you can move some of your clutter out of your home without having to throw it away.

Added security

Keeping items stored in your shed and garage isn’t the most secure location to keep some items and though there are things you want to put into storage but are worried that they will be stolen or damaged by the elements so you keep the, in your house. However with a storage space you not only have a secure lock up that only you can open but 24 hour security on site.

Keep valuables out of children’s reach

Children, whether yours, your friends or part of your family have a way of finding your most precious items, curiously picking them up and then dropping them when they have lost interest in them. This can lead to heartbreak and sometimes priceless heirlooms being lost. If you have a storage space though you can spirit away your most priceless items and make sure they stay well out of the reach of children.

Santa’s Storage Space

When it comes to Christmas whether you have little kids or much bigger kids, having somewhere to hide the presents that they can’t get access to can keep Christmas and mystery and magical. A storage space is the ideal way to keep all your seasonal surprises hidden and away from prying hands and eyes. It also can be used to hide presents for birthdays and anniversaries.

Keep things you don’t like without having to have them in your home

There are times when you get given gifts that have a lot of sentiment attached to them but their gifts don’t really have any where they can live in your home. There are also times when you get given gifts by people that you don’t want to offend but you really can’t stand to look at them. In cases like these, a storage space means that you can keep these items without having to keep them in your home.

Keep home and home business storage separate

If you end up working from home a lot or you are self-employed then having a space work space at home is essential, however you can end up with so much paperwork that you need to keep that you seem to run out of space within a few months. Having a storage space is a great solution to your home office space issues, you get to keep important documents in a safe location but they aren’t all cluttering up your workspace.

Tools away

One of the most annoying things about having sheds and garages is that they can get full of tools and home repair materials including timber and paint that you need to keep but you hardly ever use and you end up tripping over every time you set foot in there. Storage spaces give you the option of storing home maintenance items that you don’t want to get rid of but hardly ever use in one convenient location that you can retrieve them from whenever you need to.

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