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Creating Order out of chaos with Kitchen Organisation

November 3, 2014 |

Whether you have a domestic kitchen or a busy restaurant kitchen, you will know that good organisation in the kitchen is essential not only for a clean culinary environment but also for helping you to find everything that you need when you need it.

There are lots of different ideas that you can get from looking through home design magazines and even from just flicking through the Argors, John Lewis, Lakeland or Ikea catalogues.However trying to fit new storage ideas into the decorating scheme you have in your kitchen can be difficult. But whether you prefer the farmhouse look or the ultra-sleek modern shine, there are plenty of kitchen organisation ideas that will look great in both.

What to do with your cookbooks

Cookbooks are an essential element for anyone who loves to spend time creating in their kitchen but they can take up a lot of room in the cupboards and on the kitchen sides or invaluable cupboard space.

As long as cookbooks are kept away from direct exposure to high levels of moisture and the splash zone of grease then they are fine to sit on a shelf above the kitchen door, or if you are feeling very creative, you can create a hanging library using square metal baskets and chains that you can hang from the ceiling. Just make sure that you anchor the book baskets into the ceiling or wall properly or you may find that your books and baskets come tumbling down.

The Magnetic Jar Rack

The magnetic jar rack is a very useful addition to any kitchen for those who are addicted to using storage jars to keep their kitchens tidy but find that they are running out of space in cupboards and on sides.

The metal jar rack is a strip of magnetic metal that can be attached under cupboards, inside cupboards, on the inside of cupboard doors, or even on the side of the fridge. Whether you use metal storage jars or glass jars with metal lids, these magnetic jar racks will help keep your cupboards and sides clutter free.

Chalkboard jar lids and paint

Chalkboard jar lids and chalkboard paint are a great solution to the many spice and herb jars that we all seem to accumulate. If you keep your spice and herb jars in a drawer or in a rack that displays the lids instead of the body of the jars then these chalkboard lids and paint are a great solution to organisation.

These great lids allow you to create your own organisation system with the names of herbs and spices on the lids with the type of cuisine that you use them in or even create your own spice and herb combinations for meals you make often and label the seasoning. This makes it quick and easy to find exactly what you are looking for when it comes grabbing out the right ingredients in the throws of cooking.

Magazine Racks Reborn

Trying to find space to store all your baking trays in can be a nightmare, but repurposing old magazine racks can provide an amazing new form of organisation in your kitchen and keep baking trays from getting under your feet.

With a coat of paint you can make a magazine rack fit in with any kitchen decor that will let you store flat trays, yorkshire pudding tins or even roasting tins in a neat way without the risk of them falling out all over the floor every time you open the cupboard. If you have a limited amount of cupboard space, a magazine rack helps to free up space that these bulky necessities often take up.

Hook, Hook, Give them the Hook

Hooks come in many different shapes and sizes and can be your best friend when it comes to kitchen organisation. Whether you need hooks to keep your tea towels off the side or your pans lined up neatly and hanging from a rack, there are many different uses for hooks you may not have thought of.

If you have lots of little hooks you can attached them to the inside of your cupboards and use the extra space to hang anything from measuring spoons and utensils on to your favourite mugs and even your shopping lists and recipe cards.

If you need more storage in your Kitchen, a self storage unit is a great choice for keeping larger items that you may not have room for anymore.