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What packing materials do you need when moving home?

August 23, 2022 |

If you aren’t using a packing and moving company when moving your home it can be a little confusing about what you actually need. In this article, we will look at the different types of packaging available and what you should be using them for.

Using the wrong packing material could mean that your items get damaged, and it could also mean that the move is more expensive too.

Small cardboard boxes

When we talk about cardboard boxes we don’t mean the ones you get from the supermarket or the ones some deliveries get posted in. These boxes can be used when moving but ideally, they shouldn’t be as they are weak and break easily.

When moving home we recommend purchasing specialised packing cardboard boxes. These boxes are stronger than your traditional supermarket ones and can sometimes hold up to 20kg of weight.

When packing your items into cardboard boxes be sure to pack them appropriately with nothing sticking out otherwise they could break. Try to not overpack the box too, as it could make it more difficult for you to carry. You can pack items such as books, DVDs and smaller ornaments into smaller cardboard boxes.

Medium and Large Cardboard boxes

For bulkier items use medium and large-sized cardboard boxes. They are bigger so you can fit larger items into them, but that doesn’t mean you should overfill them. If you overfill your boxes you run the risk of making the boxes too heavy to carry. Heavy boxes can cause you injury when moving so always be careful and lift safely.

Speciality boxes

For items such as mirrors, wardrobes, or anything that traditionally wouldn’t fit into a normal cardboard box there may be specialised boxes out there that can fit your items. Do a quick Google search to see what packing materials are available for your items to protect them.

Packing paper

Packing paper is a cheap and effective way to protect your items when you move. Some people will use newspaper but the ink from the newspaper can leak and damage your items. Packing paper is ink free and can be used to wrap everything from wine glasses to crockery.

Where packing paper is good is filling the spaces in between your items in your boxes. Filling these gaps stops your items from moving around when transporting them, this gives them more protection and will stop items from breaking when moving. You can wrap dishes, bowls, vases, pots and pans and so much more with packing paper.

A packing paper roll is cheap and you can purchase them online in bulk for a discount.

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap isn’t just an item you can use to have fun with popping the bubbles, it’s very useful when moving and offers cushioning for your items.

You can use bubble wrap on fragile items like dishes, where you can wrap individual dishes and then wrap them all together to provide the ultimate form of protection. Bubble wrap is once again cheap and you can buy rolls of it online for cheap.

Packing tape

Most movers will make the mistake of using regular tape when moving home. While you can use it, it isn’t ideal. Packing tape is much stronger and will keep your boxes together keeping your items safe.

Packing labels and Pens

When moving home it’s important to keep your items packed together otherwise it can be a nightmare to unpack the other side. Using packing labels and pens is a great way of keeping your boxes organised so you aren’t spending countless hours unpacking.

Tools and straps

On moving day you may need additional tools as something can always come up that you may not have planned on. Having a tool set handy can help you disassemble any furniture that may have got stuck when moving. Don’t pack this kit away and keep it on you because you will never know when you will need it most.

Hire a storage unit

Moving everything on the same day isn’t recommended. Moving is stressful and it’s also tiring. If you move everything on the same day it’s going to be a long and stressful day for you. You can get around this by moving a few items over a few weeks. You can do this by hiring a storage unit in east london. A storage unit can be rented for fairly cheap and they allow you to move home little by little.

Final thoughts.

Investing in packing materials and supplies may seem like a waste of money to some, but most items such as boxes around your home aren’t strong enough to provide enough protection to your items. By not purchasing the right packaging supplies you could end up losing out on more money when your items break during your move.