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Wesley’s Chapel & Museum of Methodism

May 29, 2023 |

If you’re exploring Islington and its rich heritage, then Wesley’s Chapel & Museum of Methodism deserves a spot on your itinerary. 

This historic site not only offers an architectural marvel but also a deep dive into the history of Methodism.

An Overview of Wesley’s Chapel

Wesley’s Chapel, sometimes known as ‘The Mother Church of World Methodism,’ was built under the direction of John Wesley, the founder of Methodism. This chapel was established in 1778 and has been a significant place of worship and religious study since then.

The chapel’s design is the work of architect George Dance the Younger, known for his neoclassical style. Its simple yet grand architectural style stands as a symbol of the Methodist tradition, drawing visitors from all over the world. Wesleys Chapel is located in the St Luke’s area in the south of the London Borough of Islington

Museum of Methodism

Within the premises of the chapel, you’ll find the Museum of Methodism, which tells the story of the Methodist movement. The museum is housed in the crypt of the chapel and features a variety of historical artefacts, early Methodist literature, and interactive displays that offer insight into John Wesley’s life, his teachings, and the development of Methodism across the world.

One of the key attractions at the museum is a reconstruction of John Wesley’s study, where visitors can get a glimpse of the man behind the Methodist movement. The museum also organises activities for children, making it a great place for family visits.

John Wesley’s House

Adjacent to the chapel, you’ll find John Wesley’s House, one of the finest surviving small Georgian townhouses in London. 

This house, where Wesley lived the last twelve years of his life, is now preserved as a museum. The house offers a unique insight into Wesley’s daily life and the Georgian era as a whole.

Regular Services and Community Engagement

Wesley’s Chapel is still a functioning church with regular services, prayers, and other religious activities. It also serves as a hub for community engagement, with numerous events, seminars, and concerts held throughout the year.

Visitor Information

The Chapel, Museum, and John Wesley’s House are all open to the public, with free admission, although donations are always welcome. It’s located on City Road, near Old Street Underground Station, making it easily accessible.

The Graveyard and Bunhill Fields

The Chapel grounds also include a graveyard, where you’ll find the tomb of John Wesley. However, just across the street, you’ll find Bunhill Fields, a historic burial ground and public garden that hosts several notable graves, including those of famous nonconformist figures such as William Blake, Daniel Defoe, and John Bunyan.

The Organ

Wesley’s Chapel is also known for its historic pipe organ. Originally built in 1898 by the reputable firm of Father Willis, this impressive instrument has been restored and maintained over the years and is used for regular services, concerts, and recitals. It’s a key part of the chapel’s rich musical tradition.

An Ecumenical Centre

Wesley’s Chapel serves as a meeting point for various Christian denominations. 

The chapel is home to the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity and the London Ecumenical Aids Trust, amongst other organisations. It truly embraces the ecumenical spirit, welcoming people of all denominations and faiths.

The New Room

Within the Chapel complex, you’ll find ‘The New Room,’ a modern, purpose-built conference and learning centre. 

The New Room hosts a range of activities, from educational workshops and seminars to community meetings and private functions.

The Bookshop

No visit to Wesley’s Chapel is complete without a stop at the Wesley’s Chapel Bookshop. The bookshop has a wide variety of books on Methodism, theology, and spirituality, along with souvenirs, making it a perfect place to delve deeper into Methodist history or to find a keepsake from your visit.