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Tips to beat the January blues

December 31, 2018 |

The festive season is ending – a whole new year beckons. But the first few weeks are always a bit of a drag. Not only are you back at work, but it’s winter, the days are damp and the evenings are dark. So, what can you do to beat the January blues?

Set some goals 

They might be personal ones or business ones – but having goals gives you something to work towards, and some motivation. Create a series of steps or targets that lead towards your goal, and you’ll also get a great sense of satisfaction from ticking them off.

Reinvent your office

You spend a lot of your day time in your office, and you might be surprised at how much the space around you can affect your mood. Create a positive space that inspires you. Clear out old piles of paperwork, move your desk around to face the window or put up some pictures that brighten up the walls. Bring in some plants – they not only add colour to the room, but the extra oxygen will help your focus and creativity.


Remove all the excess clutter from your home – or your office. Sort through the piles of clothes that no longer fit you and give them to charity, or remove the toys your children no longer play with. If you are paying rental on your work space, why use it to keep boxes of paperwork. For anything you need to store but don’t need daily access to, consider archiving it in self-storage. The rental rates will be far less than your inner-city office space and you’ll have more room to grow your business.

Spend time with friends

After the wonderful excitement of Christmas, January is bound to be quieter and feel a little flat. You might be on a new year diet, but that doesn’t mean you have to go into seclusion. Make time to see friends – go to the cinema or for walks, or have them over and cook healthy meals together. You can still socialise, even on a health kick.

Beat January bluesTake time for yourself

It’s also important to have time for yourself to relax after all the festivities. Read a book, take up a new hobby, or arrange a treat for yourself. Book a treatment, spoil yourself with a spa day – whatever you enjoy that gives you a little time out.

Get outdoors

It might be chilly, but fresh air and some exercise is great for boosting your mood. A long walk or a bike ride will not only naturally help lift your spirits, it will help you feel better after the festive food fest. Plus, all that fresh air will help you sleep better – and a good nights sleep also helps lift your mood.

Catch up with your fellow students

If you moved back home for the winter and your now back in university it’s now time to catch up with your fellow students to see how they have been and what they got up to over Christmas.  If you had a busy Christmas and brought more items back to your uni dorms but now don’t seem to have any room you may also want to look at our student storage options.  We have some great deals on for students and if you go to any of the London universities we have storage space for you.

It might be winter, but January doesn’t have to be depressing. Try our tips for a more cheerful month and let us know how you get on.
Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and a wonderful year ahead.