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Summer Storage for Students

August 2, 2017 |

Summer Storage for Students

If you are a student looking at the approaching summer with glee, you’ll know there are just a couple more pesky details to take care of before you can relax. Sorting out somewhere to live next year is one of them – and it can be a bit of a headache, not least because of all the belongings you’ve collected this last year.

Whether you’re moving into a shared house, lucky enough to stay in halls another year or haven’t even worked out where you’ll be living next term, you’ve probably already realised that most student rentals are limited from September to July only.

That means lugging all your clothes, your TV, your books and art work, projects and equipment all the way home for the summer, just to move it all back again in 6 weeks.

Rather than filling up the family home with clutter, there’s a simple solution. Look at self-storage options for the summer. It’s a hassle free option, so here’s what you need to know about storage.  Our student storage containers in London are affordable and practical to students studying in London.

Cardboard Boxes

Make sure you pack everything securely in cardboard boxes. It’s a good idea to label what’s in each one, just in case you have to pop in during the holidays for something you need. If you want something sturdy, most storage facilities will have a selection of boxes for sale.

Safe and secure

Urban Locker storage units are very secure. Entry to the building is secured by PIN code, and there is internal and external CCTV as well. In addition, every unit is individually alarmed. If you are considering other storage, ask them about their security first.


Storage units come in different sizes to suit your needs, so make sure you work out how much space you’ll need. You can always get together with a friend to share the storage space, reducing your costs even more.


Ideally your storage unit will be near your next home, so that you don’t have to drive there whenever you need something. Urban Locker is ideally placed, just around the corner from Old Street underground station – which means that if you want to, it’s easier to keep your unit on through the whole year for some extra space, or a place to keep your bike, without having to drive to it.

Food, plants and pets

Some things just can’t go into storage units for 6 weeks. You’ll have to take these items home for the summer – but at least it’s a lot less to carry.

Contact Urban Locker for quotes on storage units for students now on 020 3637 0850.