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Storage Unit – The Perfect Christmas Gift

December 22, 2022 |

While a storage unit isn’t going to be at the top of anyone’s Christmas list this year, it could be one of the best gifts you get yourself especially if you have small children. In this article, we will look at some of the benefits of renting a storage unit this Christmas.

A place for Santa to store his toys.

Messy kids room with toys

Carrying all of your children’s toys and putting them in your home during the Christmas period can be a difficult and stressful time for Santa so why not help him out by investing in a temporary storage unit?

You have two options when it comes to helping Santa out, you can either let him store his presents in there for the big day or you can move some of your furniture or last year’s presents into a storage unit to make room for the new toys.

A storage unit is great for freeing room up in your home especially when it comes to your children’s toys, if you have ever tried to declutter your kid’s toys you know that they never want to throw out any of their old toys even if it’s an old action man with no legs or arms.

A storage unit is also a safe place to store your toys too. With many break-ins happening over Christmas, it’s much easier for a criminal to break into your home to steal your gifts rather than a secure storage facility with around-the-clock CCTV. If you do have gifts that you want to protect then hiring a secure storage unit is a great choice this Christmas time.

A storage locker is the ultimate hiding place for Christmas gifts so if you have little ones that like to go on a present hunt in December then a storage unit that only you have access to is the ultimate hiding place.

Storage units can reduce your stress

Clutter in your home can cause stress so if your home is already bursting at the seams then adding more toys this Christmas time could push you over the edge.

Clutter in your home can have an effect on your mood and how you feel about your home so if you are feeling stressed about having no space in your room then a storage unit can help you.

Wrapping space.

bubble wrap

While Santa may have all year to make your toys it’s quite common for him to leave the wrapping of your children’s gifts to the last moment. If you don’t want your children to walk in on Santa wrapping their presents then a storage unit is a great place to have so that your children or partner won’t walk in ruining their surprise.

Setting up a wrapping space in a storage unit is also practical and can make wrapping Christmas gifts much quicker than doing it in your home.

Storing extra inventory

Storage units are not only good for parents and their children but their also great for businesses too.  Business storage can be a much cheaper alternative than renting a new warehouse to store your inventory over the busy festive period.

Urban Locker has many storage facilities in London so if you are a London-based business that needs more inventory storage this winter talk to one of our friendly staff who can advise you on the best storage for your needs.

Make room for those Christmas parties.

Christmas is a time to celebrate with your loved ones and if your hosting parties this Christmas time you will notice that your home doesn’t have enough space for all of your friends and family. However, if you consider renting a storage unit then you can free up room in your home making hosting this year’s party less stressful for you.

To free up space for your celebrations take a look at some of the bulkier furniture in your home that you won’t need for Christmas and then start there. Think of items such as bookcases, computer desks and any other items that you won’t need over the Christmas period.

Getting rid of your items temporarily will free up more room in your home which will allow your guests to have more fun and feel less trapped in your home.

Final thoughts

If you have been good this year and you’re not on Santa’s naughty list talk to our staff today to see what we can do to make your Christmas a more enjoyable and clutter-free experience.