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Using self storage during a divorce

August 9, 2023 |

divorce storage

Dealing with the aftermath of a divorce can be an emotionally taxing and logistically challenging process. 

One of the practical aspects that often needs addressing is the division and management of shared belongings. In such scenarios, self storage emerges as a practical solution, offering a neutral space to store items during this transitional phase. 

This article explores how divorcees can leverage self storage to facilitate the process of separation and reorganization of their lives.

Facilitating the Division of Assets

During a divorce, couples often need to sort through and divide their shared belongings. This process can be overwhelming, especially when done in the shared living space. 

Self storage provides a neutral, off-site location to store items until decisions can be made about their division. This separation of belongings can help reduce conflict and emotional stress, allowing each party to make decisions in a more clear-headed and equitable manner.

Simplifying the Moving Process

If either party is moving out of the marital home, self storage can simplify the moving process. 

Not all items may be immediately needed or have a designated space in the new living arrangement. A storage unit offers a temporary home for these belongings, easing the burden of having to sort through everything at once. This approach can be particularly beneficial when downsizing to a smaller home or apartment where space might be limited.

Providing Flexibility During Transition

The period following a divorce often involves significant life changes, including potential moves, downsizing, or even temporary living arrangements. 

Self storage offers the flexibility to store items for as long as needed. Whether it’s for a few months or longer, having a secure place to keep personal belongings can provide peace of mind during these times of transition.

Ensuring Security and Privacy

Self storage units offer security for stored belongings, which is essential during the uncertainties of a divorce. Facilities typically provide security features like surveillance cameras, gated access, and individual locks, ensuring that items are safe and protected. 

Additionally, self storage can offer privacy, allowing both parties to keep their belongings secure and out of sight from each other if necessary.

Emotional Detachment and Healing

Using a self storage unit can also aid in the emotional healing process. Removing items from the marital home that may hold significant memories can help individuals to start afresh. 

Having a physical separation from these items can provide the emotional space needed to process the divorce and move forward.

Are there alternatives to self storage?

For those with supportive networks, renting space from friends or family can be a cost-effective and trust-based alternative. If they have extra room in their homes, garages, or sheds, this could be a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Some communities offer local storage solutions, such as neighbourhood storage spaces or shared facilities. These can be more affordable and conveniently located than commercial storage facilities. Additionally, the rise of online platforms like Neighbor or Spacer has made it possible to rent unused space from people in your community. These peer-to-peer storage apps connect individuals looking for storage with those who have space to spare but beware they may not be as safe.

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