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Second hand furniture shops in London

April 5, 2023 |

The cost of living crisis is making us all change our spending habits and one way to keep more of your money this winter is to buy second hand. Second hand furniture in this case is something we will be looking at to save you money in Winter.

With so many second-hand furniture shops in London, you will never struggle to find a bargain, and with so many people moving to and from London there are always items for sale.

While some places will sell pots, pans and vases other shops will sell everything in between so before you go to a shop in your area make sure they sell the items that you want to buy, otherwise it will be a wasted trip.

As London is a big place you may also want to narrow it down to second hand shops near you. Furniture can be difficult to move so having a location closer to you is easier for all involved.

Second hand furniture shops in London.

Retrohub is a great place for second hand furniture in London. They sell retro and antique furniture and even have van rental if you require it. You can find them at:


If you need furniture that’s more specialised to your home office then the second hand office furniture company is another good business in London that can help you keep your costs down while providing you with quality furniture.

You can find them at 438 Wandsworth Road London SW8 3NA or you can visit their website and buy their furniture online. They have a wide range of office furniture available at discount prices.

If you are in East London and you are looking for a second hand furniture store then you may want to consider Brightspark online. They have two locations in London:

Finsbury Park, Islington: 176 Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park, London, N7 7PX

Stratford, Newham: Unit 2, Maryland Industrial Estate, 26 Maryland Road, Stratford, London, E15 1JW

You can also buy their second hand furniture online on their website too.

If you are living in North London and want to check out some second-hand furniture shops near you then The Little Paris Store could be the shop for you.

They offer second-hand items including seating, tables, desks, lighting, storage, mirrors and much more. You can find the Little Paris store at:


Old Spitalfields market in East London is another great location for second hand furniture. You can get everything from sofas, beds and designer furniture here. There’s plenty to do in Spitalfields market too so you can have a good day out here and not just pick up furniture.

You can locate Spitalfields market at 16 Commercial St, Spitalfields, London E1 6EW.

Online Marketplaces

While there are many second hand shops to choose from in London, you shouldn’t ignore online marketplaces such as Facebook or Gumtree. The benefits of these places are you often get better deals than in the stores as people are looking to sell their items quickly.

You also have the benefit of filtering the items by distance from your current location. This stops you from having to carry items from all over London and instead you can simply pick up items from a few streets away.

Be careful when buying from these online markets places though and always check out the other person’s feedback before going to see an item. If possible take someone with you for your safety too.

Buying anything online can be a risk so try to cut down on that by only buying from people with good feedback.