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Putting a grandfather clock into storage

March 23, 2023 |

A grandfather clock is a beautiful and often valuable piece of furniture but as we get older we sometimes need to move or downsize and keeping our largest pieces of furniture isn’t an option. For some of us, we may choose to sell our furniture but if you want to hold onto yours then the best option is to hire a storage unit.

To make sure that your grandfather clock is looked after and stays in good condition while in storage we have put together this blog post on the things you should do to keep it safe.

Choosing the right storage for your grandfather clock

Delicate items that are made from wood can get damaged over time by heat and humidity. Grandfather clocks can get damaged by ranges in temperature so it’s highly advised to store them in a temperature-controlled environment.

Storage units can be temperature controlled and sometimes they aren’t so it’s worth checking with the self-storage company. We would only recommend storing delicate items such as a grandfather clock in temperature-controlled storage units.

Once you have the right type of storage unit, the next part is to prepare the clock for storage.

Cleaning, and wrapping your grandfather clock

Before putting your clock into storage you will need to prepare it so you can keep it in top condition. The first step of preparation is to clean and polish the clock with a soft microfibre cloth. When wiping down the clock, take special care of the metal parts to remove any dirt and oils.

If your clock has glass panels then use the correct glass cleaner on them and the same goes for the wood. Getting rid of any oils or dirt now will minimise the degradation over time.

When your clock is clean, you will need to wrap it up for protection. If your clock has any accessories it’s a good idea to keep them with the clock when you put them into storage but do not tape these accessories to the clock like you often see people do as the tape could damage the surface of your clock.

When wrapping your grandfather clock for storage you should use packing paper suitable for storage and not a newspaper as the ink from the paper can transfer onto your clock over time.

When moving your clock to the storage unit you can also use bubble wrap or moving blankets to keep it safe.

Storing your clock correctly

When you store your grandfather clock in self-storage you must store it correctly in an upright position. You should store your grandfather clock out of the way of any items that could cause it to fall over.

When you have stored your clock, you should periodically check on it to make sure that no grime or any other pollutants have made it onto your clock which could cause it damage. You should also oil the mechanism of the clock when necessary. With the right level of care, your grandfather clock will stay in great condition while in storage.

Need more storage?

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