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Looking to move house? How self storage can help you grab a bargain.

March 8, 2016 |

Looking to move house? How self storage can help you grab a bargain.

There’s no doubt about it, moving home really is the most stressful occasion in anyone’s life. From advertising your property, getting viewers and trying to find you next property to the nightmare of ‘the chain’ and all of the hiccups and occurrences that can happen before completion, it’s a real headache.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way and if you’re prepared to put up with a little disruption, you can make the whole process much simpler and also grab yourself a bargain that you may not have previously been able to afford. The answer? Self storage.

You’re probably aware of how many people’s house sales fall through due to problems in the ‘chain’. It’s a lot and it’s something that most people who have moved houses have experienced. The only people who don’t get much of these problems are cash buyers, and more and more people are coming up with ways to put themselves in this position.

One thing that is occurring more and more often is that people are selling their property without immediately buying another. Moving in with friends or family for a few weeks and putting their goods into self storage, it may be a little bit uncomfortable and even impractical, but in terms of buying their next property, it turns them into cash buyers and this means that they have huge advantages when negotiating for their next property.

Cash buyers aren’t part of a chain

Whichever property you have your heart set on, there’s a good chance that they may have already been let down by a buyer citing problems in ‘the chain’. Because you don’t have a property to sell and have cash sitting in your bank, there is no chain and that is very attractive to a seller as it means there is a much higher likelihood that a sale will go through all the way to completion.

Cash buyers can move at a moment’s notice

This then gives the owner of the property you want much more flexibility with the house they are moving into. Knowing that you can move at a moment’s notice means that they have far less chance of losing out on the property that they want to move into.

Lower offers on a property are far more likely to be accepted from a cash buyer

Because of the two reasons above, being a cash buyer puts you in an incredibly strong position and the chance to move a sale through quickly means that you’ll find many homeowners are willing to accept offers that can sometimes be significantly below the asking price, especially if the house has been on the market for a period of time. That means you can possibly get a property that you may never have thought you would be able to afford.

Once your offer has been accepted, you simply move your items out of storage into your new property. All thanks to self storage!

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