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Keep your valuables – and your secrets – safe with us.

October 17, 2018 |

We all have a secret or two that we would prefer that no one found out about it.

Mine, I’m not ashamed to say, is books. Stacks and stacks of books of all ages, many genres, and of varying value – but to me they are all priceless.

I’ve had this bookworm ‘habit’ since I was at school. I do own a Kindle, but there is still nothing more enjoyable than sinking onto the sofa or lying in on a Sunday morning with a great book, disappearing into a new story.

It’s not a huge secret, or a naughty one. But my problem is that I don’t like to pass them on. Not to friends, not to charity shops and I certainly would not throw them away. The best stories need to be kept for a re-visit.

A woman's shoes and handbag

What’s your secret?

One of my friends has a far worse habit. Shoes, handbags and clothes. Boxes and bags of them, in every cupboard in every room.

To her, each shirt, every pair of shoes, brings back a memory that she wants to keep. Over the years she’s been known to hide this secret from her partner. After all, who hasn’t told a white lie about price, suggested they were ‘donated’ by a friend’ or left them in the boot of their car until the better half has their back turned?

However, now my friend is single, the only thing holding her back from expanding her collection further is space. Even with a gentle declutter, sending some items to charity and selling others online, she still has an extensive amount she can’t bear to part with.

Bike parts

Finding more space for your stuff

So there are few options left for both of us. Either be brutal, go round to each others homes and take charge, let our bad habits take over our homes – or find a dedicated space for our collections.

And it’s not just us. My husband has a few secrets of his own – far bigger and bulkier than just a few books. His are bikes, spare parts, wheels, pumps, tools and goodness knows what else, which are taking over our garage. For sure a healthy habit to have, but one that needs a private space of his own.

If, like us, you have a secret or two taking over your home, then it’s time to act. No, I don’t mean a clear out. After all, I won’t be getting rid of any books anytime soon. But how about a whole room to myself – just filled with shelves for books? Imagine a space just filled with shoe racks and rails for my friends wardrobe. Or a workroom for my husband, someone where to keep his tools and mend his bikes.

So, it’s time to think about a storage unit of your own. As much space as you need, enough for a few suitcases or your very own bike repair shop, and we promise we won’t tell anyone your secret.

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