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Where to Store Cleaning Supplies in Your Home

July 3, 2023 |

cleaning supplies storage


Storing cleaning supplies in a home is a task that requires thoughtful consideration for safety, efficiency, and convenience. This article aims to guide you through various strategies to store these essential items effectively. From understanding why it’s crucial to keep products off the floor, to the advantages of utilizing your garage, ensuring dry storage, and organizing items for practical use, we will cover all you need to know to streamline your cleaning storage.

Why You Should Keep Your Products Off the Floor

It may be tempting to leave cleaning supplies on the floor for easy access, but this approach has several drawbacks. Products on the floor are more likely to be within reach of children and pets, posing a risk of accidental ingestion or spillage. Moreover, items on the floor can get in the way, leading to potential tripping hazards. Keeping them elevated on shelves or in cabinets reduces these risks and contributes to a tidier and safer home environment.

Why using the garage is important

Your garage can be an excellent resource for storing cleaning supplies. Its separation from main living areas and spacious nature allows for the storage of bulkier cleaning items like brooms, mops, and buckets without cluttering your home. The cooler, often more controlled environment in a garage is also conducive to prolonging the shelf life of certain products that might degrade in warmer conditions.

Keeping Your Cleaning Products Dry

The importance of storing cleaning supplies in a dry environment cannot be overstated. Moisture can compromise the effectiveness of products, especially powders, by causing them to clump or become less potent. To ensure your cleaning agents remain effective, store them in airtight containers if necessary and in areas free from dampness, such as well-ventilated cabinets or shelves.

Organizing Items in Groups for Practical Use

Systematically organizing your cleaning supplies can significantly enhance their usability. Grouping products based on their purpose, such as having all bathroom cleaners in one area and floor care items in another, makes it easier to locate what you need quickly. Implementing a labelling system for bins or shelves can further streamline this process, helping you maintain an orderly and efficient cleaning routine.

Additional Tips for Efficient Storage

Consider utilizing vertical space in your storage areas with wall-mounted racks or over-the-door organizers to maximize your storage capacity. Safety should always be a priority, so ensure hazardous substances are stored securely, out of the reach of children and pets. Regularly reviewing your inventory can help avoid overstocking and keeping expired products. Also, be environmentally responsible by disposing of old or unused cleaning supplies following local hazardous waste guidelines.