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Document Self Storage

January 20, 2015 |

Is self storage for storing company documents?

Whether they are private or public, documents are valuable assets that keep records of all dealings. Private documents can easily be stored in the home in a special place made available for that purpose. Company documents however are so varied and voluminous in nature that over time, they can clutter office space and make it difficult for staff to navigate the company office floor. A document self storage solutions is perfect so you can de-clutter but there are also other very good reasons for choosing this option.

Relocating to a new site

In many instances moving a company’s location so as to provide the availability of more storage space may not be a wise move and staying at an old site is the better option. In other cases, companies have already committed themselves to leasing a premise for the long term and moving is just not the right thing to do. In both cases, the perfect solution lies in finding a suitable way of making more space and document self storage is the only viable option. It offers security and safety for invaluable company documents and will clear your tables and cabinets of old excess files.

Budget restrictions

Sometimes, a company may be in a position to add extra footage space to its existing floor space inside its own premises but it just doesn’t have the financial means of fulfilling its intentions. It may also be unsound business sense to contemplate taking out a loan just for the purpose of providing added space while other more urgent company priorities will have to be put on hold. Either option would add extra burden on the operational efficiency of the company. The ideal solution is to opt for finding extra space that a self storage facility can provide.

Short term leasing

Companies also have to contend with seasonal fluctuations in the volume of inventory flowing in an out of its premises. These inventory peak periods can sometimes stifle the smooth running of the offices making it imperative to find available space for the extra influx of inventory. An appropriate solution would be in selecting a suitably sized self-storage unit that can be used during peak periods on temporary leasing terms.

Storage for archived documents

It is often the case that projects end and any documents relating to them may need to be put away on a permanent basis. Storing them in the office cabinets may hinder the smooth incessant flow of documents relating to new projects and it becomes necessary to store these documents somewhere secure and safe. The perfect solution would be in leasing a remote self storage facility where the documents can be safely put away on standby for referencing in the future.

Self-storage offers ideal flexibility

Typical renting arrangements for self-storage units are based on monthly contracts that enable a company to efficiently plan out its extra spatial needs over a period of time. The practice is ideal for a company that needs to rent extra storage space only when the need cannot be ignored. There are many other reasons for a company to find the extra space for storing its highly important documents but these are the most pertinent.

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