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Considering moving to Shoreditch? Is it safe?

July 20, 2018 |

We all know what an amazing city London is to live in – you have the world at your fingertips, creativity in your lap, and diversity on your plate. But why would anyone want to relocate to an area with a reputation such as Shoreditch?  If you are considering moving to the east end of London keep on reading.

Is Shoreditch safe?

Shoreditch is safe.

Shoreditch used to have a bad reputation around 20 years ago but as more money has been invested into the area, Shoreditch has become safer.

Shoreditch is just as safe as central London and the West End.  Crime does happen all over London so be careful and vigilant.  The biggest risk you are likely to find when out in Shoreditch is pickpockets.  To protect yourself from pickpockets be sure to keep your belongings out of sight and if possible keep your cards and money in different pockets, that way if you are pickpocketed you won’t lose everything.

It’s all about location in Shoreditch

The Shoreditch Triangle includes the High Street, Old Street and Great Eastern Street, stretching towards the famous Brick Lane – a mecca for curry lovers. With some of the city’s top Indian chefs creating incredible dishes, filled with wholesome flavour, right on your doorstep, would you really want to live here?

The area is classed as being both East End and in Central London – so we guess there could be a bit of an identity crisis. Of course, another way of looking at it is that you have everything right on your doorstep and the best of both worlds.

So we’ve listed all the reasons that make this area of the city so amazing – and why we want to keep it all to ourselves.

Shoreditch’s own growth boom

The last 10 years has seen a tremendous boom in the area. In just a decade, Shoreditch has seen an incredible amount of development. Areas previously reputed to be poor and dirty have been cleaned up and gleaned up. What was previously a haven for cheap London real estate is now very much in demand, particularly for young professionals and growing businesses. Old Street and the surrounding area has seen a host of new families and faces deciding to relocate their homes, and business’ to the area – and we feel pretty proud of that.

Some buildings in Shoreditch London

Silicone Roundabout – the international tech hub of London

Drive on, drive on, nothing to see here.

Nothing, that is, except for Silicone Roundabout – the hub of tech industries in London. Of course there are thousands of jobs for incredibly clever people going on within East London Tech City, the area between Old Street and Shoreditch. A whole cluster of businesses, web based, design, and tech focused, have spring up around the Old Street roundabout since 2008. And with them has come everything else professionals need – gyms, coworking spaces, meeting space and rooms to rent. All of which means houses are very much in demand in an area which provides fast moving careers for innovative businesses.

Eating and drinking out in Shoreditch

You wouldn’t want to move to a place with nothing to see, eat or do.

We wish we weren’t able to offer you such choice, variety, entertainment and flavours in Shoreditch, but we can. Not only do we have a vast range of pubs, clubs and entertainment venues, but we can also offer some of the best restaurants and takeaways on hand whenever you are feeling peckish. And because Shoreditch is home to a mix of pre-boom hipsters and professional high-earners, the eateries reflect this same, fabulous mix.

The Old Fountain pub in London, Old Street, ShoreditchIs there any space left to move to Shoreditch?

We would love to say that there is no space left for anyone to visit or stay in our part of the city – but we would be lying.

While housing is at a premium, space is not. If you are at university and need to store your possessions out of digs over the summer holidays or you’ve gone against our advice and insist on sharing our incredible part of London, we’ve got plenty of student storage space. So, you can keep your worldly goods in a safe place until you find your own perfect hideaway. Or if you have a hobby that you can’t fit within the confines of your own bricks and mortar, there is plenty of room in our storage facility. It’s your extra cupboard or garden shed, just a short step away from your home. After all, adaptability and innovation is what makes Shoreditch the place for you.

Travel links and commuting to Old Street

It’s just too busy to move. Or is it? With Old Street and Liverpool Street tube stations on our doorsteps, along with enough bus routes to take you across the whole of the capital, transport isn’t a problem and you can get in, and out, of Shoreditch with ease.

And we have to say we are pretty proud of this. So, although we want to keep it our little secret, if you want to move house and relocate to Shoreditch, then I’m sure we may just let you join us and ofcourse if you need storage in East London we can help.