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Caledonian Road

May 29, 2023 |

In the heart of Islington, running north-south from Camden Road to King’s Cross, lies Caledonian Road. Known affectionately as “The Cally” among locals, this bustling thoroughfare has a unique history and vibrancy that sets it apart in the tapestry of London streets.

The Cally

Caledonian Road’s charming nickname, “The Cally”, speaks volumes about the sense of community and identity that characterises the area. With a residential population that’s estimated to be in the thousands, it’s a neighbourhood where people know their neighbours, and local businesses are cherished.

Where in Islington is Caledonian Road?

Running through the western side of Islington, Caledonian Road connects the areas of Holloway to the north and King’s Cross to the south. Being positioned centrally in Islington, it enjoys easy connectivity with the rest of London, making it a convenient location for residents and businesses alike. The nearest tube station is Caledonian Road station, served by the Piccadilly Line.

The History of Caledonian Road

The history of Caledonian Road is rooted in the mid-19th century when it was built by the Caledonian Asylum, an institution providing for Scottish orphans in London, hence the name ‘Caledonian’. Initially conceived as a trade route, the road quickly developed into a vibrant residential and commercial street.

In the Victorian era, Caledonian Road was known for its livestock markets, a reputation that’s still remembered in the names of some local pubs. Over the years, it has seen numerous changes, reflecting the larger history of London itself. Today, it stands as a street that has held onto its historical roots while adapting to the modern needs of its diverse community.

Caledonian Road Today

emirates stadium

Today, Caledonian Road is a bustling hub of diverse shops, eateries, and services. From independent bookshops and vintage clothing stores to local pubs and international cuisine, there’s something for everyone on The Cally.

The street is also home to the Caledonian Road Market, held every Sunday, offering everything from fresh produce to unique crafts. Here, local traders and residents come together in a vibrant display of community spirit.

Caledonian Road is also well known for its cultural offerings, It’s home to the Pleasance Theatre, a renowned venue that showcases a variety of performances throughout the year. A short walk away, you can also find the Emirates Stadium, home of Arsenal FC, adding a sporting flavour to the locality.

Living on Caledonian Road

Residential life on Caledonian Road offers a blend of the historic and the modern. The street is lined with Victorian and Georgian terraces, many of which have been converted into flats. Newer developments also offer contemporary living options.

The local community is diverse and inclusive, adding to the appeal of living on Caledonian Road. There are several parks and green spaces nearby, including Caledonian Park, providing residents with opportunities for recreation and relaxation.