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Best App for the London Tube – Tube Apps Reviewed

October 5, 2022 |

If you have moved to London or you plan on coming here for a short visit you will more than likely be travelling around London. Black cabs can be expensive, Ubers can be inconvenient and walking often isn’t an option.

One of the best ways of getting around London is using the tube, but for some, the tube can be complicated to work out and it’s hard to know where you are going.

Today we will be reviewing some of the best tube apps to help you navigate the underground.

Google Maps

Our favourite way of navigating London is using Google Maps, this free app allows you to not just navigate the tubes but outside destinations too. It also provides live updates of how busy stations are. A great app that can make navigating around London much easier than using a traditional tube map.

Google Maps is available for both Android And Apple Devices.


TFL Go is another great app for navigating the London underground. Like Google maps, it updates the user on how busy the stations are and it also tells you which times are likely to be quieter to travel. It also has some additional features that users with additional needs would find useful such as which stations have steps.

We like the TFL go as it’s simple to use, reliable and free. If you’re looking for an app to navigate the tube this is a great app.

TFL Oyster app

If you are going to use the tube you will need to buy tickets and instead of queuing up in the long queues, you can download the TFL Oyster app, load it with credit and use the contactless app on the tube. A great app that is simple to use and provides you with so much convenience when travelling on the London underground.

An added advantage of this too is that you won’t accidentally tap out of the tube with the wrong card which can sometimes happen. When it does you could end up paying more for your journey. When using the TFL Oyster app this is less likely to happen.


Citymapper is a great choice when it comes to getting around London, we did find that it has a lot of information on there which can be overwhelming if you aren’t from London. While being complex it doesn’t offer information on how busy stations or trains are so it isn’t as good in our opinion as some of the other apps on this list.

Because of that, we would recommend some of the other apps on this list that have features that are easier to use.

Mapway – Tube Map

Tube map from Mapway is another great app that offers you everything that you need to get around the tube safely and efficiently. It can map out the journey ahead while providing real-time updates of all of the routes on the tube.

One great feature of the app and there are many is that you don’t have to know which stations you need to travel to, instead you can input postcodes and the app will work out the quickest route for you to take. The map also works without an internet connection which is useful when you are stuck underground.

Overall a great app for anyone looking to navigate the tube with ease. The app is available for free on both Android and IOS devices.


If you have just moved to London or you are just visiting getting around can seem confusing at first, but with the apps above getting around London and the tube is a little easier.

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