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A little more space for you to grow

We love Islington.

We’re so proud to have opened our new store right here in the heart of such a thriving and beautiful borough. We at Urban Locker want to help you and our local community. So, how can we do that?

We’ve started with our facility itself. We’ve taken an old and abandoned car park and we’ve converting it into our new, innovative space. The old car park was no longer suitable for modern vehicles. Instead, we’ve taken an underground space that would otherwise be wasted and turned it into a useful resource that will benefit the community.

Which sounds lovely, of course, but how can this benefit you?

At Urban Locker our aim is to bring the benefits of space to the city. Living in urban areas, especially in London, means that we are used to being up close to each other. But everyone needs to expand at one point or another.

Self-storage units for business owners

If you’re a business owner, you’re probably already well aware that square footage means higher charges. But there are bound to be times of the year when you just need a little room.

As a shop owner, you’ll have seasonal periods when you need to order in more stock. But if you don’t have the space you’ll end up with boxes in the back office or blocking up your corridors – which is a problem for health and safety, but also more likely to result in increased loss or damages.

When you have clients visiting your office, you would probably love a space for meetings, but the corner is full of files, spare desks and broken printers. It’s not just clutter, it gives a bad impression on your visitors.

And when staff are working hard, wouldn’t it be nice to offer them a breakout area where they can step away from their desks for lunch or a moment of peace?

Our self-storage units offer businesses the ideal solutions. We offer short-term contracts which can give you extra storage room for stock throughout the seasonal period, or long-term offers that give you a storage room for all the office clutter you don’t need today, but don’t want to throw away. Flexibility means that your storage space is working for you.


Storage space for small business start-ups

According to the London Councils data, Islington has just over 15,300 registered businesses, of which 85% are micro-businesses. Islington is also on the edge of Silicon Roundabout, one of Europe’s leading tech hubs. As a result, it’s one of the more popular boroughs for start-ups.

But even as a micro-business or start-up, there are bound to be times when you need a little space. Tradesmen need somewhere secure to keep tools and machinery – because as we all know, keeping tools in your van overnight is not an option. Salesmen need somewhere to keep samples. Online businesses can make use of a storage unit, with room for shelving, stock control, and a place for packaging. Even service businesses such as photographers can use a small space of their own to create a studio with lighting and backgrounds for stock photography.

With an Urban Locker storage space, you have the room you need to grow your business, while we take care of the security. You’ll just have one fee to pay, no rates, bills, or council tax. It’s the ideal way to get your new business up and running.

Storage space for families and homeowners 

And when it’s your own home that’s becoming cluttered, you have few choices. In London moving into a bigger property isn’t always an option. Creating additional storage space in sheds or attics only works if you have a garden or access to a roof space. So where else can you look for a room that’s as small as a spare cupboard or as large as a garage, and completely secure?

Have a place to store and repair sports equipment such as bikes, canoes, and skis. Keep your camping gear safe and dry until needed. Find a spot for your Christmas decorations, Halloween outfits and other seasonal décor. Store your toddler clothes and cots, plastic toys and baby bikes between children, so all your hand-me-downs are at hand. Just store all those things that as a family you need occasionally and will want again, but don’t need in your house every single day.

We believe that everybody could do with a little bit more room. So, at Urban Locker we offer you all the  space you need for city-living.

If you’d like to find out more, please do get in touch or stop by and see just what we can do in our new, underground facility for you.