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7 ways to make more of the space in your business.

August 28, 2020 |

If there is one thing we all need a little more of right now, it’s space. After the events of the year so far, distancing is on everyone’s mind, especially businesses. We need room to get our teams back into the office, or to allow customers into shops. 

Extending your building space most likely isn’t an option – but rearranging your interior or the way you work may help to make a little more room and help your staff and customers to distance. 

Young female business owner in a clothes shop, portrait

Declutter and clear out 

There is one easy way to make some space at work and at home, and that’s a thorough declutter. Over time we all accumulate stuff, and your office is just the same. You might be collecting boxes of out of date marketing materials, broken office chairs or old computers. Whatever business you are in, this stuff just seems to build up. A good purge is a great way to get started, especially if it allows you to clear a cupboard or storage room you can use for other things. 

Use more shelving

When we plan out our office space we think about desks, chairs and drawers, but we don’t often look up. By using more shelving you can make far more use of the available wall space.

Office shelves full of files and boxes

Archiving your files

If your business involves keeping paper files, you probably have to store them for a long time, even after you no longer actively need them. That means you need a room, just to keep the paper in. Why use your own valuable floor space though? By using a self storage unit as an archive solution, you know your files are safe, dry and easily accessible when you need them. 

Rearranging your work space

Take a close look at your current office space. Consider how you can rearrange it to maximise the use? If you have managed to clear out that storage room, perhaps you could make it into a meeting room or a breakout area, rearranging your current layout. 

The furniture you are using may also be taking up more space than necessary. A large desk takes up a lot of floor space, particularly if you only really need rom for a laptop.

Modern office stand up meeting

Try standing up for meetings

Do you have an entire area dedicated to meetings, with a large table and a lot of chairs? It may only get used for an hour a day – or even an hour a week. Try having stand up meetings. Not only can you remove all that furniture and use the room for something else, it will help keep your meetings shorter as well. 

Consider your spare stock 

Boxes of spare stock, or seasonal items you are not using at the moment, can also go into a storage unit. By removing things that you don’t need on hand, you are gaining more space in your back rooms. 

If you usually keep plenty of stock on your shelves, moving some of the surplus out to your now roomier stock room means your walkways will feel clearer and more spacious. This in turn allows your customers to feel less hemmed in as they walk around your shop. 

Create a pathway through your shop

Consider the path that customers take through your shop. Rather than lots of small islands of goods, place your displays in rows that create a single route through the shop from entry to exit. Not only can you potentially maximise use of your floors space, you can ensure customers stay safely distanced and all flow in one direction. 

If you need more space in your office, then self storage is definitely a great option. Just give us a call on 02036370850.