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3 Simple Ways To Take The Stress Out Of Moving Home

October 7, 2014 |

Research has actually gone to prove that moving home is one of the most stress inducing events in our lives, yet sometimes it’s just one of those things that has to be done. Whether you’re upsizing, downsizing, moving just down the road or further afield, there is no denying that the process of moving house can be a tedious one. To make life at least a little easier for you, we have come up with three simple solutions to help minimise that stress when moving home.

1. Lots of Lists

Lists are a wonderful way to take the stress out of anything, especially moving home. Not only will they keep you organised and your mind de-cluttered, but they will also put everything into little stress free segments for you. There are several different types of lists you could make, here’s just a few ideas:

  • List of contacts: Removal companies, storage companies, cleaners, decorators, estate agents, etc…
  • To-Do-List: Step by step on what needs to be done including a deadline for each.
  • Item List: Furniture, valuables, items by room and so on…
  • Shopping List: Cardboard boxes, packing tape, cleaning supplies, etc.

When you have put your lists together your mind will instantly feel more at ease. Everything you need is in front of you, now all you need to do is tackle one thing at a time.

2. Use The Right Companies

There is nothing worse than moving home and having items go missing or get broken. Choosing the right companies for your move is vitally important if you want to keep stress levels down to a minimum. Hopefully by now you should have a list of the companies you need to be in contact with such as estate agents and a removal firm. Make sure you shop around and find the best companies for your needs. Remember, these are your personal belongings so be sure to check out previous customer reviews.

Do you need storage facilities for some of the bulkier items whilst moving? Where is the best place to get things such as cardboard boxes or other packing equipment? Storage companies may have a list of the best removal companies to use, as well as selling cheap packing equipment like boxes and tape! You could also ask friends and family who they have used in the past and whether they would recommend them.

Urban Locker Self Storage offer both storage services and packaging materials.

3. De-Clutter!

You are now ready to start packing up your life up and moving it all to your new home. However, before you start throwing everything into boxes think about the other side. Many people find that packing up one home is a lot less stressful than unpacking, but it all depends on how you go about both processes. The best bit of advice we have, for taking the stress out of moving home, is to de-clutter before you pack. Do you really need to take the last two years worth of newspapers with you? Is that wardrobe full of unworn clothes necessary in the new house?

Having a good sort out of your things before you move will certainly reduce the chaos of unpacking at the other end. It’s best to sort things into three piles; “Get rid of”, “Storage” and “Keep”. Keep the vital things that you need and get rid of anything that is not worth bringing. You can even sell some of your unwanted items at boot sales or on eBay to help towards those moving costs! Then store all of the things you can’t bear to part with, but don’t want to clutter up your new home with. This includes things such as family heirlooms, bulky furniture and boxes of books.

Follow these three simple ways next time you move and we promise there will be a lot less stress in your life; meaning more time to enjoy your brand new home!

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